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Whenever possible, we head to Hilton Head Island, SC, to breathe in the salty air and breathe in saltier air. For this reason alone, I appreciate my travels to South Carolina, especially to the beaches and beaches of the Outer Banks. I # ve been toilton head many times before, But this year I was super excited because I had a full weekend of activities with some of my best friends. We had a great weekend with friends and family and had to have everything.

With a rich history and countless activities, it's no wonder travelers flock to Hilton Head for a short break. Besides escaping the crowds that invade other major beach towns, Hilton Head also offers a much more relaxed atmosphere than most other beaches in South Carolina.

There are also several popular beaches for mainly residents and guests, including South Beach and Sea Pines. South Forest Beach is also accessible from the Alder Lane Access Point and is one of the most popular destinations in the Hilton Head area.

South Carolina Route 170 provides access from Beaufort to Savannah, and Hilton Head is about an hour and a half south of the capital, Charleston. The nearest major airport, Savannah - Hilton Head International Airport, is located half an hour away on Savannah Island in Georgia and is the largest airport in South Carolina and the second largest in the country.

Hilton Head may not have the party scene of Charleston or Myrtle Beach, but there are plenty of cool places to let off steam. The plantations that make up most of the resorts in the area offer visitors a traditional, cozy lifestyle that has always prevailed here.

There are 7 islands in Hilton Head, our favorite being Surf Watch in the Grand Ocean, but we sailed to Daufuskie Island for the best views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Barrier Reef.

Hilton Head Island is named after Captain William Hilton, who identified Port Royal Sound and the headland at the entrance to it in 1663. Hilton Head appointed captain Charles Hilton, an Englishman who sailed to Portland Sound in 1663 and wrote about the green headlands and islands. The man had a taste for it and named it after him, "Hil Hilton" after the man.

Hilton Head Island was of enormous importance during the Civil War and became the site of the first US military base in South Carolina, having to protect itself from the Spanish invasion from St. Augustine. Leamington Lighthouse, also known as Hilton Head Rear Range L, was built in 1790 at what is now the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. In the 18th century, the US Navy, under Captain William Hilton's command, stationed guards at a bay at the southern tip of the Hilton area against Spanish invasions of Saint Augustine and in the 1780s as part of its mission to the south. During the 1790s, he grew up with William Ellis, a congressman and founder of the first Florida state legislature.

Hilton Head's most popular destination is, of course, the island's beach, which stretches about 14 miles from the south end of Calibogue Sound to the north end. Located in the heart of South Carolina, just a few miles north of Charleston, Hilton Head offers a wide selection of dining options that are among the region's favorites, from the popular Hilton Dunes Oceanfront Resort to the Palmetto Dune Resort. If you look at downtown Hilton Head, you'll find something for everyone, and although the islands are small, there are a number of hotels and a variety of restaurants that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Hilton Head Island has 3,000 hotel rooms, from full-service resorts to quaint guest houses, with Hilton Dunes Oceanfront Resort and Palmetto Dune Resort being the most iconic locations. Set on the coast of Hilton Head, Palmet to Dunes offers a beautiful, sunny sandy beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There are a number of restaurants and bars on the island, including a variety of restaurants and bars. Just a few miles north of Charleston, South Carolina's capital and home to the largest shopping mall in the world, this hotel offers the best views of Calibogue Sound and great dining on the beach.

Just a few miles north of Charleston, South Carolina's capital and home to the largest shopping mall in the world, is this golf course, one of the best public golf courses on Hilton Head Island. The course was consistently rated the second best on the island, behind only Hilton Dunes Oceanfront Resort and Palmetto Dune Resort.

The golf course, which is ranked fourth out of five by Fodor's Golf Digest, benefits from its proximity to the city of Hilton Head, a popular tourist destination, and its location in the heart of South Carolina.

The shipyard plantation is located in the middle of Hilton Head Island and covers about 800 hectares with a population of about 1,000 people. Hilton Head Island is home to a variety of wildlife including loggerhead turtles, sea urchins and sea lions. A 14-mile trail is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and offers scenic views of the island and its surroundings and the ocean. Hiltonhead Island can only be seen by boat from the neighbouring island of Daufuskie at water speed.

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More About Hilton Head